As this is a hardware hackathon, all projects must be physical or have at least one physical element to them. If your team decides to build an app, it must have a physical portal with which people can interact. 

Projects must be submitted and installed by 4pm on Sunday, June 26th.

Gear and tools are provided, please visit the gear checkout table to get materials.  

We encourage designers to submit creations that will benefit and/or solve the problems of the places listed in our categories, but we acknowledge some ideas fall outside of our categories so all projects will be considered eligible for prizes.

Projects must adhere to local law and all installations must be zero-impact.   Harm to neighborhood infrastructure will result in disqualification from judging. Supplies will be provided to aid in temporary installation.

No power tools may be used other than those provided. We have people on staff to provide fabrication services (soldering irons and hand tools are OK).